Bauerman to Anderson Loop

Region: Waterton

Distance: 28 km

Elevation gain: 1500 m or 5000 feet

Rating: Long off-trail ridge hike, route-finding skills required, some scrambling

Estimated hiking time: 10 to 12 hours​

Description: This is a great loop with four peaks: Mounts Bauerman, Kootenai Brown,
Lost and Anderson. The loop can be done in either direction, either from west to east
(Mount Bauerman to Anderson) or vice versa. From west to east is the best option as the
elevation gain is more gradual. The trip starts at Red Rock Canyon. Follow the Blakiston
Creek trail to the intersection with the trail between Twin Lakes and Lone Lake, then head north through Blue Grouse Basin to the ridge above Twin Lakes. At this point, leave the trail (about 12 km from the parking lot) and head east, up the ridge to the first peak, Mount Bauerman (2500 m/7867 feet). Continue to follow the ridge to the unofficial Mount Kootenai Brown peak (2490 m/8180 feet), Mount Lost (2510 m/8245 ft) and Mount Anderson (2652 m/8700 feet). There is some elevation loss between peaks and some care required past some rock bands, but nothing too difficult. The descent is down the steep valley between Mounts Lost and Anderson. The lower parts of the valley involve some bushwhacking and route finding. The descent route comes out about 5 km from the Red Rock Canyon parking lot.​​

Trip date: August 31, 2014

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