Loaf Mountain, East Ridge

Region: Castle

Distance: 9 km

Elevation gain: 500 m or 1600 feet

Rating: Off-trail hike, some scrambling

Estimated hiking time: 4 to 6 hours

Description: A nice scramble during shoulder season. There are some steep scree
sections, which can be a hazard if icy or snowy. To navigate the route counterclockwise,
park along the secondary access road on the ridge above South Drywood Creek, then
continue on foot on the secondary access road/trail for about 2 km to the foot of Loaf
Mountain. Ascend alongside a small creek until a good access point for the ridge is reached (various options). From there it is straightforward to ascend the main ridge. Descend the southeast slope. Follow power lines and open areas around the east end of Loaf Mountain to return to your vehicle (various options).

Trip date: January 2, 2016

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