Mount Blakiston

Region: Waterton

Distance: 26 km

Elevation gain: 1500 m or 5000 feet

Rating: Scramble from Lineham trail to the summit of Mount Blakiston

Estimated hiking time: 10 to 12 hours

Description: This is a demanding but rewarding loop hike to Mount Blakiston (highest
peak in Waterton) and the perimeter of the Lineham Lakes valley. The hike begins at the
trailhead to Lineham Falls. Follow the trail to Lineham Falls until the second major creek
drainage area. The route to the summit of Blakiston initially follows a good game trail on
the south side of the creek but then becomes a steep ascent up scree (helmet
recommended). Bob Spirko provides a good description of the route followed. The summit can also be reached by ascending to the saddle between Blakiston and Hawkins, then continuing up the ridge. After ascending Blakiston, follow the scenic ridge above the Lineham Lakes valley and return along the park trail to the Rowe Lakes trailhead. The
route can also be done clockwise starting from the Rowe Lakes trailhead, but this entails a steep descent from the summit of Blakiston to the Lineham trail.

Trip date: September 9, 2015

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