Ruby Lake

Region: Waterton

Distance: 18 km (loop option)

Elevation gain: 900 m or 3000 feet

Rating: Off-trail hike, route-finding skills required

Estimated hiking time: 7 to 9 hours

Description: Ruby Lake is nestled below the east face of Mount Blakiston and makes a nice trip for late September or very early October when larches are in full colour. It can be done as a loop trip or one-way trip, depending on conditions and interest. The route described here starts at the south access point to Crandell Lake on the Akamina Parkway and goes counterclockwise. Follow the park trail past Crandell Lake to Canyon Camp, then head northwest along the access road to Ruby Creek. Cross the creek and work your way up the north side of Ruby Creek, well above the creek bed. About halfway up is a large scree area that is best navigated by staying in the trees above it. Continue along game trails to Ruby Lake. Ascending Ruby Ridge is straight-forward but finding a good route down to the Akamina Parkway requires some route-finding and bushwhacking. Once back at the road, hike along the road to your vehicle (or to a second vehicle parked at the Lineham Lakes trailhead).

Trip date: October 10, 2015 

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