Trip Catalogue 


Information in the Trip Catalogue cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate. Individuals who undertake activities described in the Trip Catalogue do so at their own risk.
Important Information

The Trip Catalogue provides descriptions of outings offered by the Chinook Outdoor Club in recent years. Trip descriptions are organized by regions and listed in alphabetical order by title within each region. Ski or snowshoe outings are indicated by trip type.

Chinook Outdoor Club members who wish to undertake trips on their own are strongly advised to seek information from websites such as the following:

Glacier: Glacier National Park, Montana.

Waterton: Waterton Lakes National Park and nearby areas east of Hwy. 6, e.g. Pine Ridge, Poll Haven, Police Lake.

Castle: Castle Parks and areas south of Hwy. 3 and west of Hwy. 6, e.g. Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, 
Kylo Hill, Mt. Bacchus, Turtle Mountain.

North of Hwy. 3: North of Hwy. 3 and west of Hwy. 2, e.g. Porcupines, Whaleback, Livingstone, Allison.

Prairie: Catch all for trips east of Hwy. 2 and out of the mountains, e.g. Sweetgrass Hills, Red Rock Coulee,