Victoria and Pincher Ridge Loop

Region: Castle

Distance: 24 km

Elevation gain: 1000 m or 3300 feet

Rating: Long off-trail ridge hike, route-finding skills required

Estimated hiking time: 7 to 9 hours

Description: The trip begins by the gas facilities located at the mouth of the Pincher Creek valley, northwest of the Shell Plant. Follow the road and well-used trail along the base of Victoria Peak until it ascends Victoria Ridge. From here the trip is mostly off trail. Crossover to Pincher Ridge and follow the ridge in a northeasterly direction. Descend the valley between the two main arms of Pincher Ridge. Lower reaches on the descent from Pincher Ridge involve some route-finding and bushwhacking, as well as a crossing of Pincher Creek.

Trip date: July 22, 2012​

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