Victoria Ridge from Bovin Lake

Region: Castle

Distance: 25 km

Elevation gain: 1000 m or 3300 feet

Rating: Long off-trail ridge hike, route-finding skills required

Estimated hiking time: 8 to 10 hours​

Description: A one-way trip that requires parking of a second vehicle at the endpoint of
the trip, by the gas facilities located at the mouth of the Pincher Creek valley, northwest of the Shell Plant. The hike then starts in the South Drywood Creek valley (gate open from June 15 to September 1). Follow the off-road vehicle road to Bovin Lake (also called Blue Lake), then ascend the slope on the north side of the lake (a steep scree slope). The route then follows the ridge north to Victoria Ridge. The final section follows the well-used trail along the base of Victoria Peak, back to the second vehicle.​

Trip date: July 15, 2015​

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