Windsor Ridge (Castle Mountain)

Region: Castle

Distance: 16 km (return)

Elevation gain: 550 m or 1800 feet

Rating: Unofficial trail, limited use, not maintained

Estimated hiking time: 6 to 7 hours

Description: A hike to a small lake at the base of the most dramatically beautiful and iconic mountain in all of the Castle Wilderness area. “Castle Mountain” was given its name by Thomas Blakiston in 1858 for obvious reasons, but renamed “Windsor Mountain” in 1915 to avoid confusion with Castle Mountain in the Bow Valley. However, most people still refer to it by its former name. The hike is best done in late summer or fall to avoid having to cross Mill Creek at full flow. The trailhead is located by the gas well site located at the end of the access road that begins off Range Road 22A just south of the Mill Creek Camp (southeast of Beauvais Park). The hike begins up the Mill Creek drainage, then ascends the first major drainage to the west. Some sections have been washed out. Return the same way.

Trip date: October 21, 2017

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